Whether it is been experienced as-, or considered from a prospective of…
…an organizational tool for marketing and/or profile purposes of an organization or as component of the organizations processes,
…a policy or personal mentality due to the idealism of an organizations owners and/or staff for a better world,
…a solution in order to attend an organizations waste issues or part of the organizations environmental requirements due to governmental or society demands…..,

one thing is absolutely indisputable!
The GreenBox is the most effective, absolutely affordable and easily implemented essential environmental policy, suitable for almost any organization with a daily waste management over 500 kg.


  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Universities (Campus)
  • Food distribution centres
  • Food retail outlets
  • Food industry
  • Military
  • Demonstration & Research
  • Livestock manure
  • Agricultural by-products and
  • many more


The GreenBox concept

Minimum effort for a significant expand of your environmental policy
Profitable concept with only benefits as consequence
No subsidies or special programs required

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